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Breakfast seminars and workshops

CORE breakfast seminars and workshops provide a bite sized piece of professional learning to kick start your day.

Pushing The Boundaries of Educational Possibility

Coming breakfast seminars and workshops

Seminar and workshop
9 September 2014

This session will explore how we can design inquiry-based professional learning, weaving in digital technologies, to create increasingly inclusive and personalised learning opportunities for staff. Karen will ground this session in what we know ‘works’ in terms of teacher professional learning and illustrate how digital technologies provide opportunities to create rich avenues for learning.

Seminar and workshop
10 September 2014

This seminar will explore the drivers behind the move towards modern learning environments, provide examples of innovative learning environments, and consider the research into powerful learning that informs design. Mark will demonstrate how teachers can begin using these ideas immediately.

11 September 2014

In this breakfast seminar Derek will explore some of the practical ways in which we can ensure our curriculum has a future focus, emphasising how we can support learners to recognise that they have a stake in the future, and a role and responsibility as citizens to take action to help shape that future.

12 September 2014

Sean Lyons will demonstrate in this Breakfast seminar NetSafe’s role in Digital Citizenship in New Zealand, internet apprenticeship, the truth about young people’s online lives, the theory of supporting safety through Digital Citizenship… Learn. Guide. Protect, …and the practice… NetSafe Kit for schools.

Seminar and workshop
12 September 2014

In this seminar, designed using the principles of UDL, we will examine how UDL can also support the development of a more inclusive learning and working culture for the adults in a school. We will look closely at how UDL can help us increase professional confidence and capacity, create a more inclusive environment that welcomes diverse ideas and ways of learning and working, and makes the most effective and sustainable use of our digital technologies.




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