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Invited speakers & programme

Modern Learning Environments Expo
– Speakers series Saturday 8 June:

All speaker sessions are Free. Speakers start on the hour and half hour during the day.

10:00 am Derek Wenmoth
Opening Statements
10:30 am Stephen Heppell
MLEs - An International Perspective: Drawing on his experiences building and designing contemporary learning spaces in the UK and overseas, Professor Stephen Heppell will explain the underpinning design principles of Modern Learning Environments.  
11:00 am Doug Moody - Furnware
11:30 am Chris Bradbeer, Charlotte Hinge & Sheena Campbell - Stonefields, Auckland
Getting Inside the Hubs - A Virtual Tour of Stonefields School: Take a tour around a Learning Hub. This presentation will be a window into what learning looks like at Stonefields, and how teacher collaboration and technology contribute towards making it a Modern Learning Environment. 
12:00 pm James Petronelli  - Clearview School, Rolleston
Powerful Spaces, Powerful Learning: In this presentation, James will share an overview of Clearview school and discuss how its design has a pivotal role in supporting student learning.  With two designs: one before and one after MLE implementation, James will share the philosophical changes his school has undergone to support powerful teaching and learning.
12:30 pm Ministry of Education
1:00 pm Julia Atkin
Designing From the Inside Out: Transforming spaces for learning is not an easy task! It requires turning the usual process on its head. The clarity of the educational rationale for the function of learning environments and spaces is paramount if one is to both navigate through the complexity of transformation, as well as make considered judgments on the merit of the emerging designs in terms of their potential to have a transforming effect on learning...
1:30 pm Paula Eskett - National Library
Modern LIBRARY Environments - Moving School Libraries from Transactional to Transformational: School libraries now and in the future need to engage and connect with today's students in ways that have previously never been explored. As vibrant, school-community centres for: learning; digital content discovery; exploration; play; AND reading, school libraries are also riding the wave of change that is transforming the way today's students learn. 
2:00 pm Jasmax - Architects
2:30 pm Rhonda Duncraft - Sydenham Preschool, Christchurch
The Story of the Relocated Kete: This presentation will look at the emptying and repacking of kete: How the preschool's 'top down' model of a small business is now a dispersed model; and how its environments were modified due to experiences and changes in pedagogical relationships.  
3:00 pm Neill O'Reilly  - Windsor School, Christchurch
MLE's vs MLP's – People, Pedagogy, Practice and Place: MLE's are about acoustics, air quality, heating and insulation, and lighting. They are not by default about open-plan learning areas, breakout learning areas, or flexible learning spaces - even if they are, what difference do they make? Programmes (be it building, computing, or numeracy) don't improve outcomes for our children: People, pedagogy, and practice can. Put passionate teachers in the right environment and children may have the opportunity to learn in a different way in 2013 compared to 1999. This presentation explores some important pre-requisites if we want MLEs to have modern learning pedagogies (MLPs) occurring within the walls of the school and learning community.

Invited Speakers:

Professor Stephen HeppellProfessor Stephen Heppell
Professor Heppell has worked with schools to develop modern learning environments for much of the last 30 years. He is a global expert on designing learning spaces that are contemporary and innovative, but more importantly he is an expert on designing learning to bring those spaces to life.

Dr Julia Atkins

Dr Julia Atkin
Dr. Atkin will be familiar to many New Zealand educators as one of Australasia's leading thinkers in learning design. Her work centres around ensuring the principles and practices at work in our schools are consistent with student, staff, and community values and beliefs. With over 25 years of experience transforming education from the industrial era to the knowledge era, Julia has worked to create learning environments that: integrate learning into life and life into learning; are personalised, customised and collaborative; and integrate the best of technologies.

Derek WenmothDerek Wenmoth
As one of New Zealand’s thought-leaders in Future-Focused Education, Derek works with a wide range of schools guiding them through the process of building modern learning environments, from green-field new builds through to redeveloping existing spaces. Derek will offer practical advice on every step of the journey, from working with the community, to the professional development of staff and the design and build process.

Neill O'ReillyNeill O'Reilly
Neill is the Principal of Windsor School, in the East of Christchurch. He is passionate about schools being genuine learning communities; places where children love to learn, play, and be challenged. He believes in investing in staff to ensure that they have every opportunity to be the best that they can for their children. A school is only as great as it's teachers! The work that has been done at Windsor School is well known and Neill has welcomed many visitors to Windsor over the last few years to view a Modern Learning Environment in an existing school. Neill speaks regularly around New Zealand on a range of topics including self-regulated learners, aspiring leadership, home school partnerships and, more recently, earthquake readiness! 

James Petronelli

James Petronelli 
James is currently the Foundation Principal at Clearview Primary.  He has been involved with the school since 2009 and overseen the stage 1 (which opened in February 2010) and stage 2 building projects (which opened in February this year under the Modern Learning Environment Policy).  James' role has primarily been managing significant growth in a very short time, from 170 students, to over 550 students at present.  James is an accredited executive and leadership coach; an area he is passionate about and one which fully supports his role in leading a new school.

Chris Bradbeer, Charlotte Hinge & Sheena Campbell 
Charlotte Hinge teaches 0/1 students and has real expertise in transitioning students to school and setting them up for success. Sheena Campbell started her teaching career at Stonefields last year and teaches year 3-5 students. Chris Bradbeer is an AP, passionate about learning spaces and teacher collaboration.

Sydenmham Community Preschool 
This was a community-based centre supported by council (council owned property) originally based in Hutcheson Street, Sydenham in the  1980s. It moved to a renovated premises with the support of Vicky Buck in mid 1990s, then relocated again due to the earthquake in June 2011. Its new premises opened in February 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Education in Waltham.

Paula Eskett
Paula works in the Learning Futures team of Services to Schools (National Library of New Zealand) focused on the important role a school library plays in the lives of students and teachers; helping schools realise their potential in these fantastic spaces. 

Download a copy of the programme (PDF, 591KB)