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Conference Themes

uLearn16 uses three key over-arching themes that focus on aspects of learning and leading: Connect, Collaborate, Innovate. These act as umbrella concepts, and together make up the uLearn conference tagline. You can read about the concepts for each theme below.

In addition, conference themes act as guidelines for presenters to ensure key educational themes are considered and addressed. Presenters should consider referring to the most appropriate theme(s) during their session introduction, and revisiting them during the session.

Connect: Sharing knowledge and ideas 

  • How has the process of connecting with others in your Community of Schools been in your experience? What are the challenges and successes so far? 
  • To what extent are ICTs used to support your implementation of the NZ Curriculum/Te Whāriki/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, and to share the outcomes?
  • What are the benefits of national and global networked learning as an approach to professional learning?
  • How has networked learning enriched you personally? What online evidence can you provide to demonstrate learning around learners' needs and strengths?

Collaborate: Working together and developing relationships

  • What are the ways that you promote collaboration within your classroom/centre?
  • In what ways do ICTs enable collaborative activity and relationship building?
  • How do you foster relationships with children’s homes and the wider business community?
  • How do you go about establishing collaborative learning relationships at a national or international level? Who have you developed relationships with and why?

Innovate: Innovation and sustainability

  • What are the particular skills and competencies required by students to participate in a 21st century world? How are these developed in your classroom/centre?
  • How is innovation and creativity encouraged in your classroom/centre?
  • How do you assess these competencies in your students?
  • What changes have you explored and/or made to existing structures such as timetables, assessment, school day, subjects, etc to enable such innovative approaches?

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